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JINHAI pharmaceutical is a professional veterinary manufacturer of medicine and additive with 16000 square meters workshop, GMP approved factory with our own research teams.

PROCUCT NAME: poultry anti-virus oral solution

Name:  AV- JINGAN oral solution  

Ingredients:  Flos lonicerae, radix scutellariae, fructus forsythia and etc.

Characters: Brown clear liquid with sweet and bitter taste.

Applicable animals: Poultry ( broiler, layer, breeder)


Package: bottle, 250ml/bottle 500ml/bottle 1000ml/bottle ( or customized )

Usage and Dosage

——Prevention 1ml per liter of water, drinks within 4 hours, for 4 days.

——Treatment 1.5ml per liter of water, drinks within 4 hours, for 4-5 days.

Shelf life: 24 months

ADRs: According to the prescribed dose, no adverse drug reactions after intake.

Contraindication:  Not sure yet.

Notes: No regulations

Indication: ( very effective on anti-virus against AI, ND, IB and other respiratory disease)

It has efficacy of heat-clearing and detoxicating. It can relieve fever, deintoxication, eliminate stagnation and detumescence. It has remarkable double effects of anti-bacteria and anti-viruses. It is suitable for fowl virus diseases such as virus cold, bursa of fabricius, new castle disease, infective laryngotracheitis, infective bronchitis, duck plague, duck hepatitis which cause fowl to eat less, cough, snore, dyspnea, dropsy in eyelids, head and cockscomb and so on. It is also effective for layer chicken producing less eggs or abnormal eggs and other symptoms.

Advantage Features:

In general, detoxification. The poultry anti-virus oral solution has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-infective and enhance the body's immune function.

1.With honeysuckle, Scutellaria, Forsythia ( selected raw material) through modern medicine extraction and purification technology to its active ingredient ( base ) extracted from precision to ensure the effectiveness and stability of the compound.

2.Good antiviral: avian influenza, Infectious bursal disease, infectious bronchitis,infectious laryngotracheitis have a strong inhibitory and killing effect.

3.Rapid, long-lasting, efficient action: honeysuckle, forsythia, skullcap with detoxification, anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory, and enhance the effectiveness of the immune system, increase the affinity of the drug with the pathogen rapidly kill pathogens, and has a role in the elimination of drug resistance, since to effect efficient and fast-acting.

4.Antipyretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects: a few flavor reasonable prescription medicine detoxification combined with synergists , theBird nutrition liquid has relieving, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, cooling blood stasis effect, resulting in a strong antipyretic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory effects.

5.Immune enhancement:The poultry anti-virus oral solution can significantly improve the normal chicks reticuloendothelial system phagocytosis, has a good role in promoting adrenal function.



Treatment case on respiratory diseases caused

 by mixed infection of Newcastle Disease virus and mycoplasma in broiler


Abstract: The case of Newcastle disease secondary or concurrent bacterial infection is very common in China, which brings great loss to broiler breeding. The study shows that AV- JINGAN (Shuanghuanglian oral liquid) manufactured in Jihai Pharmaceutical has a definite effect to prevent and treat the poultry viral diseases.


In China, there is a large number of veterinary clinical cases to prove that AV- JINGAN had a clear effect for the early viral infection or mixed infection (mixed infection is more common than single virus infection that can be treated with AV- JINGAN combined with antibiotic).

Farm information A broiler farm in Qixia City, Shandong Province.

Breed AA Broiler

Number of boilers 8,000

Age of onset 25thday of age

Clinical symptom 

Boilers caught a cold due to the weather change. The large group of broilers were depressed and some shown the respiratory symptom. Intake quantity started to descend in the broilers (by about 10%) and green thin excrement was observed in the sick chicken.

Anatomical symptom Trachea and bronchus haemorrhage, muscle stomach haemorrhage, pancreas haemorrhage, necrosis, intestinal lymph node haemorrhage were observed at anatomy. No inflammatory exudation was seen in the trachea bronchitis in the broilers and the symptom of air sac inflammation was shown in a few dead birds.

Clinical diagnosis Newcastle disease infection stimulated or concurrent bacterial infection.

Treatment protocol

1. Disinfect chicken house (including air, water and facility)

2. Administrate AV-JINGAN diluted in drinking water to enhance the body immunity and disease resistance, inhibit viral infection, and promote the damage recovery of organ function.

3. Administrate the appropriate antibiotics to control bacterial infections.

4. Give nutritional product with electrolysis and multivitamins in drinking water to promote body rehabilitation.

Treatment result

3 days later, death rates greatly come down, and respiratory disease turns much better and feed intake increase. The spirit of majority group is obviously turning better.

History of JINGANQING( shuanghuanglian ) oral solution:

One of the early preparations of the Shuanghuanglian was a tablet made of equal proportions of the extracts of each herb. This was used to treat leptospirosis, a disorder caused by a spirochete bacteria, related to the organism that causes Lyme disease. Leptospirosis causes initial symptoms of fever and chills, headache, and muscle ache (especially in the shoulders); these are consistent with "flu-like" symptoms described for the onset of many acute infections. In a 1971 report, the formula was described as being made in 500 mg tablets derived from 3.7 grams of the crude herbs, and being administered in doses of 10-15 tablets (thus, equivalent to the extract of 37-55 grams of herbs) every 6 hours (1), a very high dosage.


In June 2015,won the three prize of science and technology progress of Yantai.

In December 2015,won Qixia science and technology progress two prize.

In 2015 with Jilin University applied for pneumonia in the direction of new veterinary drugs.

Cooperation with Ocean University of China in improving microbial additives in water quality.

In 2015, with the Yellow Sea Research Institute of China study on establishment of shrimp disease control system

In 2016,identification of high and new technology enterprises.

In 2016,academician workstation established.

In 2017,apply for 4-5 national new veterinary drugs independently.

In 2017,complete the declaration of provincial engineering technology research center.

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