poultry respiratory medicine

Poultry respiratory medicine use traditional Chinese medicine such as honeysuckle, forsythia, and astragalus, which have detoxification, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, and enhance the immune system.The poultry respiratory medicine increase the affinity of the drug with the pathogen rapidly kill pathogens, and has a role in the elimination of drug resistance, since to effect efficient and fast-acting.

poultry respiratory medicine
poultry respiratory medicine
poultry respiratory medicine
poultry respiratory medicine
poultry respiratory medicine
poultry respiratory medicine
poultry respiratory medicine
poultry respiratory medicine


elieve cough and asthma; mainly for IB(infective bronchitis), AILT(Avian Infectious Laryngotracheitis), influenza and viral disease of chicken and duck.


Clearing heat, relieving asthma, preventing asthma caused by lung. Especially for the symptoms of Hemorrhage or necrosis on trachea and bronchus, and the lungs are congested with cyanosis. Improve body immunity.

Products Name: AV-JINLE oral liquid

Common name: Maxinshigan Oral Liquid

Ingredients: Ephedra, bitter almond, Licorice and Gypsum.

Characters: Dark brown liquid with sweet and bitter taste.

Applicable animal: Poultry ( broiler, layer, breeder)

Notes: No regulations

Package: 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 5000ml ( or customized)

Prevention: 1ml per liter of water, drinks within 4 hours, for 4 days.

Remedy: 1.5ml per liter of water, drinks within 4 hours, for 4-5 days.

Term of validity: 24 months

ADRs: According to the prescribed dose, no adverse drug reaction.

Contraindication: Not sure yet.

Farm information: broiler farm in Jilin Province.

Breed: AA Broiler

Number: 10000pcs

Age of onset: 30th day of age

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More data from poultry farm:

Application of AV-JINLE in Mild Avian Influenza and Micoplasma

Avian influenza is a highly contagious infectious disease, it threat the health of human and animal. It is a big concern in many countries.
The avian flu virus is very susceptible to variation, so vaccine immunization can not completely make protection on it.
Respiratory disease is the typical symptoms of avian influenza, mild avian influenza virus may cause a low mortality,moreover, if secondary infection effected it would result in heavy losses.
AV-JinLe ( oral solution ) produced by Yantai Jinhai Pharmaceutical has significant effects on the symptoms of pulmonary congestion, inflammatory exudation in trachea and bronchus, which caused by mild avian influenza. Meanwhile can be also applied with with antibiotics at the same time to prevent and treat bacterial diseases to help body rehabilitation.
Clinical symptom:

Depression, feed intake decreasing, cough, sneeze and sticky secretion in nose were observed. Two days later, the sick birds were dyspnea, some are eyelid swelled and head comb edge necrosed.
Anatomical changes:

Tracheal and bronchial mucosa hemorrhage with large amount of inflammatory exudation, bronchial seriously blocked. Pancreatic edge hemorrhage, pulmonary congestion and swelling, Airbag turbidity, thick. some gray or grayish yellow cheese-like exudation in airbag mucosa can be found.
Inflammatory exudate in tracheal mucosa

H9 type avian influenza infection stimulated or concurrent mycoplasma infection.

1. strictly disinfectant chicken house.
2.Administrate formulated feed to ensure nutrition balance, administrate vitamin A to improve body and mucosa strengthen ability.
3. Administrate AV-JINLE drinking water to enhance the body's antiviral ability.
4. Administrate tilmicosin and florfenicol to treat mycoplasma infection.
Treatment results:

After 5 days, the spirit of the group and feed intake improved, weight increased, respiratory symptoms disappeared and no more new death.


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