chicken anti-virus medicine

Our chicken anti-virus medicine is pure traditional Chinese phyto herbal oral liquid,which has an affirmative clinical efficacy in the prevent and boost up immunity of poultry with ND or AI(especially low pathogenic Avian Influenza).The chicken anti-virus medicine prevents fever,cough and cold.

chicken anti-virus medicine
chicken anti-virus medicine
chicken anti-virus medicine
chicken anti-virus medicine
chicken anti-virus medicine
chicken anti-virus medicine
chicken anti-virus medicine
chicken anti-virus medicine

Product Name: Shuanghuanglian Oral Liquid

Main ingredients: Honeysuckle flower, Scutellaria root, Forsythia fruit

Spec: 1ml of this product equals to 1g of raw material

Appearance: Clear brownish liquid

Mix feeding, fowl, duck and gooseIndividual : 250ml/a bottle of this product + 250-300Kg water. Individual serious –disease fowl should be chosen to drench 0.5-1ml, which will be more effective. Use double if serious disease or according to veterinarian.

Adverse reaction: No defined now.

Precaution: If there is precipitation, please shake up before use it.

Package: 250ml/bottle ( 500ml/bottle, 1000ml/bottle)

Storage: Store in a dry and cool place, be tightly sealed

Validity: 24 months since the date of production

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( very effective on anti-virus against AI, ND, IB and other respiratory disease)
It has efficacy of heat-clearing and detoxicating. It can relieve fever, deintoxication, eliminate stagnation and detumescence. It has remarkable double effects of anti-bacteria and anti-viruses. It is suitable for fowl virus diseases such as virus cold, bursa of fabricius, new castle disease, infective laryngotracheitis, infective bronchitis, duck plague, duck hepatitis which cause fowl to eat less, cough, snore, dyspnea, dropsy in eyelids, head and cockscomb and so on. It is also effective for layer chicken producing less eggs or abnormal eggs and other symptoms.


1. Dispelling wind, clearing heat and removing toxicity. For the treatment of the influenza due to wind-heat, with the symptoms like fever, cough.
2. High-quality treatment of Influenza Veterinary Drugs pharmacological action. Clear heat detoxification, cool blood detoxification.
3. This poultry anti-virus oral solution has a strong anti-virus and antibacterial effect, and can relieve the heat and calm, strengthen immunity, repair damaged immune organs, and effectively reduce the death rate of poultry virus infection.
4. This poultry anti-virus oral solution can be used for prevention and treatment of some kinds of conditions caused by viral disease (Avian influenza, Infectious bursal disease,infectious bronchitis,infectious laryngotracheitis etc), such as fervescence elevated body temperature, depression, poor appetite, dyspnea, snore, bird cough, eye swelling tears, swelling of the head and face, crown beard purple and swelling, egg laying rate decrease, white shell eggs, sand shell eggs.
5. A variety of respiratory diseases
6. Unidentified egg laying rate decrease
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